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We’re excited to bring you our Hot Lunch Legends menu, freshly cooked to keep you in tip top condition as you charge through the last winter chills towards spring ease…

The dish on everyone’s lips at pod is the NEW Sri Lankan Chicken; green beans, carrot, cauliflower, chicken and almonds delicately flavoured with seven Indian spices and simmered in a light yoghurt sauce before being sprinkled with fresh coriander. Would you like to try before you buy? Just ask and we’ll pass you a free, fresh sample.

Our well-oiled, passionate chefs will also be cooking up brand new hot pods every two weeks, transporting your palate all around the world. There’s a modern take on a traditional Moroccan chicken tagine, a unique Peruvian chicken stew with giant corn, delicate Goan lamb meatballs and a meaty Spanish chicken and chorizo.

The real king and queens of the menu, the genuine legends have got to be our Thai red and Thai green chicken curries. You’ve loved them since 2005 come rain or shine. Their layers of spice, coconut and herbs combined with our years of kitchen skills truly make them the best curries-to-go in London. And since London is the culinary capital of the world, that would make our beloved curries world champions!


So what’s it to be – stick with a trusted Thai legend or be the first to try a Sri Lankan legend in the making?


Whatever your pick, eat well.

The team at pod