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The whispers are true, we have been working ferociously in the kitchens to make the best, the most perfect spring menu just for you.

Introducing our very own gluten free Three cheese mac. A delicious blend of Monterey Jack, Cheddar & hard Italian cheeses, satisfying macaroni and a touch of French Dijon mustard. If you want to funk it up a little, there is also a Three cheese mac with ‘nduja to sink your teeth in to.

We have also been going hell for leather on colour, confidently stating that spring the time to shape up your smoothie game! Introducing our brand new ‘Shelf of health’ packed with a mix of no less than 7 new, improved and classic Pod recipes.

Plump up your skin with the refreshing Collagen Boost Matcha or nourish your heart with the low fat Heartbeet Blueberry. Hitting the gym? Drink a balance of the skinny Apple & Mango Anti-oxidiser pre-work out for a whack of vitamin C to boost your body’s defences and post work out, the Acai & banana energiser; made with gluten free oats and almond milk for a delicious, dairy and gluten free a potassium, protein and folate hit. Every smoothie is handmade fresh, and blended to order for ultimate health benefits to be gained.

Our passion for innovative nutritionally loaded drinks doesn’t stop there either. Introducing the Red Rooibos Latte all the way from South Africa. Boasting five times the number of antioxidants than green tea, it is also low fat, low sugar, dairy and caffeine free! Treat yourself next time you’re in and trust us, you’ll love it.   

For lunch, a Chicken dhansak is the new curry on the block bursting with mango, lentils and cardamom; rich in protein, low fat and utterly delicious. For those grabbing lunch on-the-go, our Lamb keema wrap is a delicately spiced taste of Kashmiri street food – think garam masala, fenugreek and cauliflower.

The hero spring salad to keep calories in check is the delicate and delicious Oriental Duck, freshly made in our kitchens with rice noodles, hoisin, broccoli, sesame and spring onion.

For breakfast, the Chorizo and roast potato hash topped with a runny poached egg brings a bowl of Spanish goodness to your morning.

So step into Spring with us (your body will thank you in the summer) and let us know what you think of all our new menu.


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