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The days are getting longer, the mercury is rising (slowly) and we naturally turn our thoughts to spring flavours that will leave us feeling refreshed, revitalised and energised for the new season. And why should your office catering have any less flavourful nutrition then you would choose from yourself? No reason! That's why our catering team has engineered a spring menu that is so full of nutritious flavour and fresh produce, meeting eating can be a joy, rather than a chore. 


The new Lemon Tuna Nicoise Salad is one of our new favourites…Protein rich flaked tuna, with a generous helping of greens, boiled eggs, sunblush tomatoes, olives and zesty lemon dressing makes up this colourful salad, which is both low in saturated fats & sugars, and gluten, wheat & dairy free. Full of texture and flavour, this little delight is an all round winner!


Our Pod classic salads, the Slow Burner and the Tabbouleh are now available in two serving styles. Choose from either the original sharing platter, which comes with salad tongs, or the new options of 6 pre-portioned servings so your guests can grab their portion and get munching through that meeting. No mess, no fuss. You’re welcome!


Love filling up on our Rosemary Focaccia? This luxurious bread, baked here in London with rosemary, sea salt and olive oil makes 8 generous servings. We’ve upgraded the fillings to give you even more variety; half filled with prosciutto, mozzarella, tomato chutney, basil & rocket, the other with chicken, pesto, sunblush tomatoes, Gran Movaria cheese and rocket.


And we didn’t stop there! Even the meeting room staples of Marvellous Mixed Sandwiches and Brilliantly British have had an injection of new seasonal fillings to give the variety and flavours to brighten your day.


We hope you love everything we’ve added, adapted and improved but are always open to more ideas for #BetterMeetingEating so drop us an email at delivers@pod.co.uk if you have any suggestions or questions and we’ll be thrilled to chat.