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An official report in 2005 – the year pod launched - claimed that inadequate nourishment can cut productivity by up to 20%. That’s one fifth down the drain because the wrong foods are being consumed – or maybe some of the right foods are being eaten but not necessarily at the right time.


Our determination here at pod to continue to push the boundaries of healthy food and create delicious breakfasts and lunches led to a study – ‘the pod-uctivity report’ - of what can help workers perform better and be more productive. 


The research undertaken discovered the best food to eat at the best time and the findings helped shape pod’s innovative and delicious menu. Different jobs have different demands, so pod asked the question: when is it best to eat? Different jobs and roles bring different pressures, so matching foods with productivity meant focusing on specific areas pod categorised as creatives, office angels, high flyers and key workers.


There’s more than a hint of truth in the old saying ‘we are what we eat’, because our body is made up of cells that are created from extracts of the foods that we consume. Makes sense? So the question is, what is the body really made of and how does it function?


The way we look, the way we function and our productivity is dependent on the food we eat, so getting it right is the key. You could chug away like a diesel engine on a frosty morning or you could soar above the clouds on jet fuel – the choice is yours and with the right information, it will be the latter rather than the former. 




Eat well,

Team pod