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Inspired by our culinary adventures from around the globe, our new summer menu brings you Italian flare, Indonesian refreshers and Indian flavour sensations to transform your lunchtimes into exotic mini breaks.


New breakfast dishes include a foodie favourite of Avocado, Feta and Chilli toast, our exotic Summer Glow Mango Porridge and a bit of summer fun; a Caribbean Blitz, handmade with bananas, orange juice, apple, mangoes, strawberries, mango puree and coconut, blended to order with zero added sugar.


Famous for our exotic hot pods; the new Indian Pasanda and the wildly fragrant Sunshine Beef Stew guarantee satisfaction. Our chef specials have had a serious flavour shake up too, with a new Brazilian Xin Xim chicken stewPiccalilli pulled porkCape Malay chicken and a Sri Lankan chicken each coming and going for two weeks at a time so you can treat yourself to authentic dishes, without getting on a plane.


Standing out with its Indonesian charm, our new Balinese chicken salad and wrap are made with chicken, Balinese dressing, coconut, coriander, peas, beetroot, seeds and cabbage.


And importantly, have you heard? Fats are back! We always knew they were good for you... Our new Mediterranean tomato, nut-free pesto and mozzarella salad with a grassy olive oil dressing fills you with the whole, natural goodness.  We’re sending some summer love your way with a free salad every time you buy 9, just grab a card from a member of our team in any pod.


Power ingredients are scattered through our healthy snacks with a new Matcha yoghurt made with quinoa and pistachio and a refreshing new Strawberry yoghurt topped with micro basil.


So come down, say hello and check out our brand new summer menu, it’ll blow your healthy-fast-food loving mind.


Eat well,


Love pod