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Innovative, seasonal and lip-smackingly delicious, our new autumn menu is legendary. Post summer blues, lacklustre food and bad eating habits be gone. It’s time to reinvigorate.

Our expert chefs have simmered, chopped and tasted their way to 8 new Pho and Bun hue soups, 2 new gyoza dishes, 6 new greeny grain salads, 6 new nutri pots, plus a whopping 16 new drinks, 7 energy and protein snack packs, 3 handmade cakes and 2 vegan bars. What a menu!

So, whether you are carb loading for a new training programme, calorie counting to slim down or just looking for a new taste adventure, we have you covered. Dive in and try something new in one of our 24 pods and as always, let us know what you think on @podfooduk or talk@pod.co.uk.


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