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Nothing makes us smile quite like a steaming bowl of delicious soup with a breadstick for dunking, on a chilly Autumn day. Our chef Sean has been chopping, stirring and simmering recipes all summer to create London’s best new range of soups, from a Pulled Pork Goulash to a Perfect Pea and Chorizo. Every day, there will be two new soups for you to choose from as well as a Singapore Chicken Laksa which is so good, we couldn’t take it off the menu for a second.


Thought you’d never come across a guilt-free Chicken Tikka Masala? Those days are numbered! Our latest Hot Pod uses crème fraiche instead of cream, Kachcumber salad instead of naan and has a nutritional boost from lentils, kale and sweet potato in the sauce. All fused together with 8 delicately balanced Indian spices. Under 500 calories, it’s light enough to enjoy every day.


Calling all dessert lovers, it’s time to grab your spoons and enjoy a treat with a twist. Our deconstructed Chocolate and Pear Crumble is made with a secret black bean chocolate dip (still totally delicious) for a healthy fibre hit while our deconstructed Berry Good Cheesecake’s zingy lemon mousse sits alongside fresh strawberries and micro basil – very cool, and your skin will love it.  


For breakfast, our Chorizo Eggs are back with a bang (watch out for the extra chilli kick). And we’ve gone on a masala frenzy with our new Aromatic Indian Eggs – light enough to enjoy before work and a refreshing way to break your fast.  


Try something new, be adventurous. We won’t let you down this Autumn.


Team pod