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Spring in the natural world is all about sprouting food, plants coming to life, budding trees and new baby animals. This spring, we’re proud to bring you our biggest ever menu overflowing with ‘new’, to chime with nature.  Think colour, street food, delicious ingredient combinations and excellent value for health, and money. All thanks to our talented food director, Sean.


Brand new to our lunchtime world are three Shawarma's; a soft multi seed wrap stuffed with tabbouleh, muhammara, mint and sultanas and topped with chicken, meatballs or falafel. Wrap it, tear it or fork it up... eat it your way.


The Korean street food dish 'Bibinbap' adds a brand new eating style to pod: hot rice, veg, pickle and egg is topped with chicken, pulled pork or avocado. Dress it and mix it up for a delicious Asian feast.


Sean has seriously shaken up our Hot Pod range with new flavours, never offered before such as a rich, tomatoey Spanish Chicken Fabada, Persian Lamb Meatballs delicately flavoured with Baharat and pomegranate. Then a new chef special every two weeks promises to keep you coming back for more. Keen to follow what will be up next? Jump onto our Instagram. 


Fancy something hot, light and filling? Say hello to three new soups; Chicken & Noodle, Miso Chicken & Noodle and Miso Vegetable & Noodle created from scratch each day with chilli, rice noodles, herbs, raw veg goodness and boiling broth.


And, there’s an added bonus… Collect 9 stamps on our new loyalty card and get your 10th lunch absolutely free. 


If you’re more of a pod breakfast person, you’d better get excited! How does Salmon and Seaweed Caviar Scrambled Eggs sound for your first meal of the day? For a heartier fill, the Protein Feast Scrambled Eggs includes a double egg portion, sausage, bacon, tomato, parsley and delicious protein bread. Then the new Turkish Scrambled Eggs for the vegetarians among you is made with dukkha, crumbled white cheese, spinach, tomato, sweet potato and red peppers.   


Finally, love peanuts? Then tuck into our hug in a bowl to welcome in the day with our Peanut Butter Power Porridge – gluten free oats topped with crunchy peanut butter, banana and honey.


Spring is all about fresh and vibrant days, full of colour and sunshine and we have blended these elements into our latest creations. We hope you love them. Let us know what you think on talk@pod.co.uk.


Eat well,

Team pod